The Annedore Leber Vocational Training Centre

Since 1979, the Annedore Leber Vocational Training Centre in Berlin (known by its German acronym ALBBW) has trained disabled young people with special needs who are about to start their professional careers. 

With more than 35 vocations, the ALBBW offers a broad range of training choices, supplemented by various measures for vocational orientation and preparation.

The ALBBW is sponsored by the non-profit association Berufsbildungswerk Berlin e. V.

Registration and admissions

In most cases, our range of vocational preparation and training options is funded by the Federal Labour Office. Registration therefore generally takes place via the job agency at the respective places of residence of the young people. A personal or admission interview is conducted in our offices before training begins. The main contact for all questions concerning admission to the ALBBW is our admissions office.

Cooperation with enterprises

To ensure that training is as practically oriented as possible, the ALBBW cooperates closely with a large number of enterprises. One very effective form of cooperation is the VAmB (German acronym for "integrated training carried out in cooperation with vocational training centres") scheme. In this scheme the trainee completes up to half of his or her period of training - after intensive preparation at the ALBBW - in the respective partner enterprise. 

Vocational integration

The ALBBW's integration counselling service assists trainees in the search for a job at the end of their training period and coordinates their entry into professional life. We also offer comprehensive advice and support to employers who would like to hire disabled young people.